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  The L'Orleans Mystery
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Duke continues to keep secrets from Anna.

Duke and Anna are Being Set Up
Sleazy reporter Mark Carlin continues to go after Anna and Duke in the press, printing one nasty headline after another. Anna particularly is feeling the heat at work and home when she gets threatening calls and nasty remarks. The public is eating up Carlin's comments and think Anna's covering for Duke. Since Anna is Duke's achilles heel, Carlin makes sure Anna gets the brunt of his exposes. 

Wanting something juicy, he and his co-worker put out an article to set off the hot-headed Scotsman, who stupidly falls for the ploy and gets into a scuffle with Carlin in Carlin's office.  Afterwards, Mark and his ally press charges, claiming that Duke threw the first punch. With his parole at stake,  Jake represents Duke once again and manages to get one of the newspaper workers to fess up about the scam. 

The state commissioner pays Anna a visit and warns her that all the bad press is causing an image problem with the police department. Since his scam with Duke failed, Carlin turns his attentions to Camillia, his secret source, and catches her in the act at which time she tells him to look further into the L'Orlean secret. She can't remember what heppened then, so the confused girl doesn't realize she's leading Carlin to something that will destroy her, Duke, and Anna's lives.

Double Duty
Shopping with Felicia on St. Patrick's day, Tania was struck down by a hit and run driver. She dies in her husband's arms at GH and an angry Frisco vows to catch the driver.  Tania's death has implications for all the Joneses. Frisco and Felicia move in with Tony and go nuts trying to take care of little BJ. Frisco puts all of his energies into tracking down the driver who hit Tania, ignoring Felicia's pleas that she's overwhelmed taking care of BJ and the household. He also prevents her from trying to talk to Tony whenever she needs help. 

Felicia ends up comiserating with Terry on their disrupted lives. Eyeing the lost doctor, Lucy decides he's prime for picking and lays it on thick about her poor situation, being pregnant with no husband and place to go. Tony feels sorry for her, and Lucy's quite pleased when he continues to stick up for her to Frisco, Felicia, and Bobbie. 

A frustrated Frisco continues to lose his temper at work and has to be reprimanded by Anna to cool it, or else she and Guy will pull him off Tania's case. He hits paydirt by finding a grandmother named Frances Gilbert who was taking pictures of her grandchildren near the scene of Tania's accident. After developing the film, Frisco's thrilled that there are shots of the car, a 1976 Saab, that fled from the scene of the crime and quickly puts out a search for any owners of that model car. 

Over at GH, Tony and Tom consult on the case of a young suicidal man named Corey Blythe, not realizing that he's often going in and out of consciousness. After Corey mumbles about killing a woman and has odd incidents of behavior, Tom finally puts the pieces together and realizes that Corey was Tania's hit-and-run driver. Corey was having a seizure in his brain when he hit Tania, it was an accidental murder. Tom's uncertain what to do because, on the one hand he can't break the patient-doctor privelge, but at the same time can't let Tony proceed with Corey's tricky brain surgery. Should anything happen to Corey during surgery, Tony could be held liable. Tony does hear the news over the radio while he's operating on Corey, and the shaken doctor successfully completes the surgery. Afterwards, he turns to Lucy for comfort. 

The Secret of L'Orleans
After four years of mob war between the Jeromes and the McKays, Angus agrees to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect his daughter. He admits that four years ago he and Duke hid and buried the body of Evan Jerome, who was murdered after raping Camilla. They moved Camillia, who was in shock, to recover in the nunnery and the poor girl remembers nothing of what happened. To end the vendetta for Evan's death, Angus drinks poison and begs Duke to protect the Camillia and the secret. Duke stubbornly insists that Anna not investigate Angus's death. Despite her better judgement, Anna agrees to back off. 

Finally on parole, Duke becomes obsessed with paying off his debts. Felicia and pals had been running the club in his absence. Anna's instincts are telling her there's more to Duke and Camillia's relationship than the two will admit, but Duke vehmently denies there's anything else and becomes more angry with his fiancee when she can't let it go.

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