The Usual Suspects
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The Hero - Robert Scorpio
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robert.jpg (8473 bytes)Name:  Robert Xavier Scorpio

Occupations:  Ex-spy, ex-police commissioner (twice), ex-private eye, husband, and father.

Family:  Anna Scorpio (wife), Robin Scorpio (daughter), Filomenia Soltini (Robin's god-grandmother), Mac Scorpio (brother), Sean Donely (best friend), and Luke Spenser (best friend).

Wives:  Anna Devane (#1 and #3), Holly Sutton (#2)

weddingveil.jpg (5839 bytes)Escapades
Secret Lovers  In 1976-77, while in the WSB, fell in love with his new partner, Anna Devane, and secretly wed her.  When their bosses, Sean and Cesar, learn of their marriage, the two arrange for the union to be broken up by having Robert discover Anna was a double agent. He divorced her and kept the secret of their marriage and her past, and it isn't until 13 years later that Robert and Anna learn of the duplicity.

The Ice Princess  In 1981, to get over Anna, Robert threw himself into his WSB work, getting an assignment to defeat the evil Cassadine family.  Arriving in Port Charles pretending to be wealthy, Robert flirts with Laura Webber and clashes with her beau, Luke Spenser.   After many rough starts, including Robert knocking Luke unconscious, the two join forces.  Robert's heartbroken when one of his partners, O'Reilly, is killed, and the handsome Aussie vows revenge.  Along with Laura, he and Luke manage to infiltrate the underground Cassadine compound and meet Victor Cassadine's lover, Tiffany Hill, who helps them defeat the Cassadines before they can freeze the world.

Finding a New Love  In 1983, Robert meets the con-artist Holly Sutton while she's involved with his best friend, Luke Spenser.   After Luke's supposedly killed in an avalanche, Robert marries the pregnant Holly to prevent her from being deported.  She miscarries the baby, but she and Robert later end up falling in love.  When Luke reappears and learns of their marriage, he furiously rejects them, though the trio later work out their differences and become close friends again.

The Mexico Adventure  In 1984, when Luke calls for help, Robert goes to Mexico to help clear Luke of murder charges.  The two hook up with Robert's former WSB boss, Sean Donely, not realizing the sly ex-spy is secretly after the Aztec Treasure.  Bored with retirement, Sean relished the idea of going up against the one agent, Robert, he considered his equal.  Anna joins in on the adventure and becomes stuck between the two who are bent on beating the other.   When Sean thinks he's killed Robert during a fight on a tram, he breaks down and decides to turn over the jewels, but Robert, dressed up as Mr. Wu, catches Sean and puts him in jail.  Robert's thrown by Sean's happiness at Robert being alive and refuses to forgive Sean until several months later after Sean helps him bring down Wu, who's threatened and held hostage both Robin and Anna.

Partners in Crime and Law  In 1987, best friends Robert, Sean and Anna became partners in the PI firm set up by Anna.  This was a unique relationship in that all three saw themselves as equals and as family- Sean was also a godfather to Robert and Anna's only child, Robin.

Scorpios Reunited  In 1991, Robert recovers Cheryl's missing child, Lucas, only to have his ex proclaim the baby is his. A paternity test proves otherwise but not before he's confronted by an angry Robin and Anna. A huge blowout with Anna results in her seducing her ex on Valentine's Day, tieing him up and telling him off. The duo reconcile as Robert's baby brother, Mac, shows up in town. Robert's friends and family are surprised to learn that he has a younger brother named Malcolm.  As children, the brothers were very close, but Mac grew up in the shadow of his perfect older brother.  While trying to impress his family with his flying maneuvers, Mac accidently caused the plane to crash, injurying his brother and killing their parents and Robert's fiancee.  Mistakenly thinking Mac had left him for dead, Robert takes off and the two brothers are estranged until Mac shows up in Port Charles in 1991.

The bad blood between the brothers cause them to come to blows before the two realize they're being played off one another by The Cartel.  With the help of Anna, Sean, Bill Eckert and Paul Hornsby, the brothers help bring down The Cartel and save Port Charles.  The brothers finally call a truce and make up in time for Mac to serve as Robert's best man in his remarriage to Anna. On the night of Anna's kidnapping by Faison, Robert is astonished to discover his supposedly-dead second wife Holly very much alive and using an assumed name.

Scorpios Descending  In 1992, refusing to be distracted by Faison's use of Holly as his pawn, Robert leaves town in pursuit of Anna.  Mac is left as Robin's legal guardian after Anna and Robert are declared dead, having been blown up in an explosion trying to escape Faison. (However, since Faison and Anna both later turned up alive, Robert could very well be alive as well).

The Phoenix Rises  In 2006, Luke's little vacation in the Markaam Islands resulted in him bringing home a virus that brings Port Charles citizens to the hospital in swarms. As a virus begins to get out of control, a familar form returns home in the hopes of quarantining it. Robert's reunion with his only child is anything but warm and fuzzy as his explanations only anger her. Robin refuses to forgive him and Mac decks him when they run into each other. Scorpio becomes desperate after Robin falls ill to the virus. His life gets even more complicated when he and Luke team up together to catch the crook extorting cures for the virus, only to discover the crook is Robert's ex-wife, Holly. She explains she did it to get back at him for pretending to be dead. Robin recovers but is devastated when her father leaves town again. 

However, Robert returns a few months later, determined to reestablish his relationship with Robin. When he and Luke take off to rescue Holly from prison, Robin and pals follow. There, in the Markaam Islands, Robert is reunited with his very pissed off ex-wife, Anna. The duo halt their sparring match to comfort their upset daughter and reassure her that they did indeed love each other.  Individually, the three return to Port Charles. Robert convinces Tracy to hire him on at the Haunted Star to keep an eye on Luke. He also manages to convince Robin that he wants to be a part of her life.

In July, Scorpio warns Skye that Lorenzo's still heavily involved in the mob and agrees to help spirit her out of town so she can safely deliver her baby. Lorenzo doesn't take Robert's interference well, threatening both Robert and his daughter. Months later, Lorenzo has Robert beaten up because he still won't reveal Skye's location. Robert allows Robin to patch him up then takes off with Luke to rescue Skye from Lorenzo's clutches. 

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