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The latest news on your GH favorite- Jack Wagner

Wonder what your favorite Scorpio is up to? Here's the latest I could find on their activities:
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Upon spotting each other in the ballroom, Jack Wagner and Jacob Young wished each other good luck.

Jack Wagner with fellow B&Bers Antonio Sabato Jr. and Hunter Tylo.

Congrats to Jack Wagner for his daytime emmy nomination. "I had no idea the nominations were this morning and then the phone calls started coming in. I thought my mother had died. [But] it was all good news." (SOD 3/22/05)

They're Back! The Wagners Reunite: In a surprising move, soap vets Jack and Kristina Wagner have reconciled. The popular pair, who married in 1993 and split in 2001, filed for divorce, but never signed the papers. They have two sons, Peter, 14, and Harrison, 10.
     The pair recently arranged an exclusive photo shoot to celebrate their reconciliation and, at press time, were attending the 44th Annual Monte Carlo Television Festival in Monaco- their first public appearance together since the split. A spokesperson for the duo would only say, "They prefer to keep their private lives private."
     In the 6/1/04 issue, Kristina, who recently returned to GH, her home from 1984-2003, stated that their time apart, "was a rough time. But as down as I can be, it never feels hopeless."
     Addressing his commitment to his family, Wanger said in the 3/18/03 issue, "Kristina and I are still married. I've coached every team [the boys] have been on and have been at every game. I hated being away. My kids are at the point where I'm a moral compass for them. God help them both." Says one insider, "I hope they make it. Who doesn't love a happy ending?" (SOD 7/20/04)

Jack Wagner's new song debuts on B&B on January 29th. Click here for more info and to download the song.

Jack Wagner joins B&B as Nick and will first air on March 27th.  Lesley-Anne Down joins B&B as Nick's mother and will first air on March 31st.

B&B's New "Secret Weapon": B&B has big plans for its high-profile cast addition, Jack Wagner- but just how big? "He's their new secret weapon," whispers a setside source. "[Executive Producer/Head Writer] Brad Bell want to really re-energize the show, and he feels that Jack will be the person to do it. He already has a huge followin, and he's going to be given some great story. He'll be making a dramatic entrance!" As previously reported, Wagner's character, tentatively named Dominick, will come on board as Massimo's former stepson. "Brad has been wanting to flesh out Massimo's background," says the insider. "The connection to his ex-wife's son will be intense, and these guys being around each other will cause some complications- but not necessarily bad ones."
     Online, B&B fans are already sharing their feelings about his imminent arrival: "He's been a favorite of mine ever since GH," writes one. Another adds, "He'll fit right in." However, some are expressing concern about the fate of non-Forresters on B&B- Rick Hearst and Courtnee Draper all were written out in a matter of months. "[Wagner will] be hitting the door in six months or less," predicts one viewer. Still, the buzz Wagner is generating bodes well. Only time (and Bell) will tell. (SOD 3/11/03)

On the B&B Bandwagner  It's official! Jack Wagner is joining the cast of B&B as a contract player. Jack Wagner is no newcomer to soaps. He is best known for his portrayal of the wicked troublemaker Dr. Peter Burns on Melrose Place. His daytime resume includes playing Santa Barbara's Warren Lockridge and General Hospital's secret agent Frisco Jones. Watch out for Wagner's first B&B airdate on March 27, and keep checking back here for more character and storylines details as SoapCity gets the latest scoop.

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