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"I always felt comfortable with adults. It was more difficult to get along with kids, because they're not as forgiving." -Kimberly McCullough (SOW 6/20/06)

Take Five- Kimberly McCullough (SOD 6/13/06):

  • What gets on your nerves? "When someone is parking and they keep slowing down and they have their blinker on, bu they'll drive for like, four blocks and you can't pass them. That drives me crazy!"

  • What is something you'd like to do but haven't tried yet? "Get married? That's a good one."

  • Under what word can you be found in the dictionary? "Stubborn."

  • What one word describes our life right now? "Malleable [laughs]. I'm so busy. There's so much going on that I have to be very flexible and adapt quickly."

  • If you found a treasure chest, what would you hope to find inside? "Gael Garcia Bernal."

Buzz: Although she's worked on GH since age 7, Kimberly McCullough says, "Everyone treats me as an adult. I was talking to one of the camera guys who's been here for years the other day. I said, 'Is it weird for you to see me doing love scenes now, when you met me when I was 7?' He said, 'No, because when you're acting, I look at the character. If I thought about it like you were Kimberly, yeah. That would be freaky. But as Robin, it's fine.'" Awwww. (SOW 6/13/06)

Buzz Buzz:  Nobody's more thrilled about Tristan Rogers' return to GH than Kimberly McCullough. "I'm hoping that we get some more scenes together, because there's so much more to deal with," says McCullough, referring to the tumultuous father/daughter relationship. "I don't feel like the history of the show was given respect when he first came back. It was kind of a side note. Hopefully, this time, we'll get to [address] it." (SOW 4/25/06)

"Wash my face. I hate makeup." -Kimberly McCullough on what's the first thing she does when she comes home from work (SID 4/11/06)

Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) outfitted two of the GH actresses. Aside from making her own dress, Herbst also designed Kimberly McCullough's and Natalia Livingston's (Emily). "Becky is so talented, it's ridiculous," praises McCullough, noting that she was "stressing out" because she couldn't find anything to wear. "Then Becky said, 'I'm going to make your dress.' She whipped it together in two days." 

"It's been infiltrated by Kimberly McCullough (Robin)!  They don't give her any crap!" -Lindze Leatherman on the status of the Boys' Hallway at GH. (SID 3/28/06)

Come Again?  In leaving town yet again, Robert may just have proven himself the worst dad on the planet. Sure, Robin said to go and that she wanted nothing more to do with him. But who could blame her, given the fact he'd kept her in the dark about his walking-dead routine for years! It doesn't take Dr. Phil to realize that the right thing for Rober to do would be to stick around and try and make up for lost time. Instead, he tossed back a few drinks while laughing with Luke and merrily went on his way. And while we remember that Holly was first introduced as a con artist, did the soap really need to bring back the beloved character as a viper willing to sacrifice an entire town for cash? Here's hoping that when next we see Holly, it is discovered that the nasty creature we mistook her for was actually her duplicitious double, Paloma! (SID 4/11/06)

The Year That Was:  "From the feedback we've gotten, they loved the kidnapping, the train wreck and Robin's return," says Guza. "Those seemed to be the top three." -Robert Guza Jr. on the question, which stories did fans respond to the most? (SOD 3/21/06)

Then came Robin. "Supercouple! That was a great time. Robin is one of the most instrumental women for Jason. He was basically like a kid after that first accident and she helped him. That was good story we had when she left for Paris. Those are some of the scenes I won the Emmy with that year [for Outstanding Supporting Actor in 1998]." -Steve Burton on loves in his character Jason's past. (SOD 2/21/06)

[image to the left, Kim and Amber dressed up for a bad '80s prom party] 

Star Talk:  "I'd take Maurice Benard (Sonny) because he seems to scare people even though he's the sweetest man  ever. He's kind of like a big brother to me. He could come in and act like a mobster and scare them into giving me a good buy."  -Kimberly McCullough on the question, Who on your cast would be good to have around while shopping for a new car and why? (SID 2/14/06)

Fantastic February:  "There will be a life-threatening epidemic and people will die," states Head Writer Robert Guza, Jr. Adds Head Writer Charles Pratt, Jr., "There will be major fallout as a result."
     The Scorpios:  "Once we brought Robin back, bringing Robert back was a natural," notes Pratt. "It opened all doors Scorpio." Says Guza, "And suddenly you've got Holly between Robert and Luke, and everything just opens up. Robert will be instrumental during this epidemic.  Robin/Patrick/Noah:  Nods Guza, "Robert is going to have to explain to Robin why he never got in touch, and that is going to have major repercussions for her relationship with Patrick because they're both dealing with fathers who've been less than stellar."  Maxie/ Jesse:  "Pushed to the limits of life or death, one of them will find consolation in a different area, in a different place, with a different person," chuckles Guza.  The Teens:  "Dillon and Georgie's romance is going to rocket to a new level and will result in something that's going to send shockwaves through the Quartermaines and the Joneses," teases Guza. (SOD 2/7/06)

2006 Preview: Robin/Patrick- "Robin closed the door on romance years ago because she's HIV-positive, but there's a part of her that wishes she could let go of that fear because it's possible for her to have a relationship, whether it be with Patrick or somebody else," says Pratt.
     The Teens-  "There's an impediment to Maxie and Jesse's love story, and it's going to change Maxie's life forever," teases Pratt. "Dillon and Georgie's romance is going to jump several steps, with major repercussions and not all good ones," notes Guza. (excerpt, SOD 1/3/06)

Robin Plays Doctor: As 2006 begins, expect to see Jason and Sam's relationship front and center. "They are stronger than ever at the beginning of the year," says Guza. And while they will have major trouble to deal with in the form of Manny, Sam may finally be able to breathe a little easier where Robin is concerned. "Jason is in love with Sam," confirms Guza. "If that romance is not going to be threatened- and it is not- where would Robin go from there?" Fortunately for her, there just happens to be a sexy new doctor in town! "Patrick has that arrogant kind of thing, but underneath it, there's a real charm and likability." And you can bet that won't go unnoticed by Ms. Scorpio! (excerpt from SID 1/3/06) 

Kimberly McCullough and Rick Hearst represent GH at the February 6th fundraiser to benefit Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS event.

A Deadly Gamble: Patrick successfully removes Manny's brain tumor, then passes the surprising news to Manny's foes that he'll no longer be the miserable, malevolent meany he was because the tumor was removed from the part of his brain that causes aggression. Robin insists Jason visit Manny to see for himself that he's now a completely different person. (excerpts from SID 1/3/06)

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