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2005 The Year in Review (SID 12/20/05)-  Most Welcome Return:  After years of having fans clamor for her return, Kimberly McCullough finally brought back Robin to Port Charels. Probably the only person on Earth not happy to see her was Jason's current love, Sam!

Questions and Answers from Cupids & Vixens (SID 12/20/05)
What do you need for Christmas?   "A day off. I'd like some time to spend with my dogs."
What should your character get for Christmas?  "Robin wants Jason to be okay. She wants him to be cured."
What should you character's New Year's resolution be?  "Robin's resolution is to have some fun. An hour out of each day, she needs to do something that she enjoys. Robin used to dance. She should go back to dance class or do yoga. She needs to do something where she's out of her head."

Kimberly, Leslie and John J. spread holiday cheer at the Pacific Shores Medical Group's Annual Celebration of Life Event in Pasadena, CA.

General Hospital: The Next Generation:  ...As for the Scorpios, I doubt we'll ever see a return to Port Charles by Robert and Anna (Tristan Rogers and the divine Finola Hughes), but their grown daughter Robin has come home just in time to save former love Jason, who has a deadly brain disorder and has lost his memory. Again. I've never been a big fan of Kimberly McCullough (Robin); she's a bit too bland for my tastes. But many fans have a deep attachment to her and it was smart of the show to bring her back. Robin's uncle, Mac, is the PC police commish, and his daughters, Maxie and Georgie, gets loads of screen time and stories of consequence.
     ...It took me months to warm up to Sam, but her pairing with Jason is hugely successful. I don't want Robin to come between them- she and Jason are as exciting as warm milk and vanilla wafers.
     ...We all bitch a lot about how GH ain't what it used to be. But, really, when you think about it, what is? (excepts from Mimi Torchin's latest SOW article, 12/13/05)

Soap Opera Digest celebrates its 30th anniversary and reflects on some of its favorite covers and stories. The top cover counts- Kristina Wagner (26), Anthony Geary (24), Genie Francis (20), and Finola Hughes (17). Tom Stacey, West Coast Feature Writer recalls his most memorable soap-star moment:  "One of my favorite memories was at our GH cover shoot for the 4/28/98 issue, which featured Steve Burton (Jason), Kimberly McCullough (Robin), Brad Maule (Tony) and Sarah Brown (ex-Carly). The shoot took place on April Fools' Day. A casual conversation between myself, the GH publicist and ABC's head of daytime publicity spread through the room like wildfire, and the next thing I knew, I was on the phone to New York with Jody Reines, telling her there was 'a problem' at the shoot. She was panic-stricken as she heard Maule shout, 'If I'm not at the center of this picture, I'm outta here!' Jody gasped when I relayed that Burton had tossed a chair across the room. Brown bellowed, 'I've never worked with such prima donnas in my entire life!' McCullough was laughing too hard to say anything. Just as Jody entered cardiac arrest, I pulled the phone away from my ear and the entire room erupted with a deafening 'April Fools'!' The laughter still echoes through the halls at Prospect Studios, where GH tapes. And I'm sorry, Jody, but I still chuckle every time I tell that story. Thanks for being such a great sport."

Jason Pops the Question Jason gets his memory back this week on GH, and decides to marry Sam- pronto! "Jason wants to give Sam her heart's desire, even if they just get married in the hospital," explains associate head writer Elizabeth Korte. 
     "But Jason's test results come back and they're not as encouraging as Robin might have hoped. The medicine helped restore Jason's memory, but did not deal with the underlying problem. Robin says Jason needs to stay in the hospital so they can monitor him."
     Sam is wary. "Sam is worried that Robin may be exaggerating the risks to Jason; that Robin's very strong feelings for Jason might be clouding her professional judgement," adds Korte. "Tension between Robin and Sam arises from that."
     Robin admits that she is still in love with Jason, but promises not to interfere in his relationship with Sam. Her concern is for Jason- who then suffers from another seizure.
     "Robin is determined not to give up," declares Korte. "But, Jason refuses to consider surgery. Instead, Jason decides to return to Hawaii with Sam, where he can live out the rest of his life with the woman he loves, much to Robin's dismay."
     Sonny is just as worried about Jason as Robin is. "Sonny tells Robin to do whatever it takes to find a doctor who can perform surgery on Jason, and he'll make sure Jason is there to have it," previews Korte. "Then, Sonny heads to Hawaii to plead with Jason."
     In the interim, Robin tracks down the one surgeon who could save Jason: Dr. Noah Drake. Only he's not the devoted doctor longtime GH fans remember...
     "Robin finds Noah in a bar," reveal Rick Springfield (Noah). "Things haven't gone well for him. His hair is a mess. He's got a couple of days' growth on his face. He's wearing funky clothes."
     Nevertheless, Robin begs Noah for help. "Robin is desperate to fix Jason," says Springfield. "There's anger and pleading on both sides. He's pleading for peace, and angry at her for bugging him. She can't believe that he's the guy she's been looking for. She heard he was this great surgeon."  Noah announces that those days are over, but Robin isn't about to give up on him- or Jason. (SOW 12/6/05)

Jason & Robin Together Again! Too bad she almost kills him... Robin and Jason forces this week on GH, but her experimental drug treatment goes horribly awry- leaving Jason on the brink of death.
     "In order to convince Jason to agree to the treatment, Robin had to downplay its level of intensity," explains Kimberly McCullough (Robin). "Robin knew  Jason was going to go through a period where he would have intense nightmares, where he might thrash around. But she didn't tell Jason that, because then he might not have agreed to do it. Robin didn't lie. She just withheld some things."
     When Jason starts having these nightmares, Robin 'fesses up to Sam about the reality of the treatment. (Mind you, he also has some very pleasant dreams- of kissing Robin.) Realizing it's causing Jason too much pain, Sam begs a reluctant Robin to stop Jason's drug therapy.
     "At every turn, Robin is saying is saying, 'If this doesn't work, Jason is going to die,'" defends McCullough. But Sam forces Robin to stop treatment anyway. "Robin doesn't agree with her decision, but she does what she asks. Robin takes Jason off the drugs even though she doesn't want to."
     However, when Jason awakens, he decides to allow Robin to try one last experimental procedure on him. "It's the same drug," notes McCullough. "Jason wants to continue it. So Robin administers it without Sam's consent."
     Moments later, Jason's heart stops beating. "Tony and Monica rush in and give him CPR," shudders McCullough. "They revive him."
     But Jason's condition remains critical. "He's still in peril and could die at any moment," says McCullough. Which puts Robin in a quandary. "Everyone is telling her that the best thing to do is to take Jason off the drug regiment, but Robin knows it can work. It can save him and help him get his memory back."
     And if he gets his memories of Robin back, that could be the kiss of death for Sam. (SOW 11/29/05)

Who Will Jason Choose? To save his life, GH's Jason may have no other choice than to trust Robin. But will allowing her to treat his health crisis inadvertently give her access to his heart? The way that Robin originally left Jason was, as Kimberly McCullough (Robin) puts it, "pretty tense." Although initially his memories of her were of her betrayal, there are plenty of loving moments there for the recalling. Will long-gone feelings be rekindled? "I'm sure she still cares deeply about Jason," she adds, hinting that there may be some one-sided feelings brewing.
     "I think it would be great from an audience standpoint because there's always something that could happen there," adds Steve Burton (Jason). "From a character aspect, it couldn't happen fast. It would have to be something really bad that would happen between Sam and Jason, which I don't see happening right now. But there's always that threat." (SID 11/22/05)

Birth... And Death? As Alexis goes into labor with Ric by her side, Emily and Robin conclude that the baby will have to be born via C-section. Grabbing Jason's handy-dandy butterfly knife, Robin proves just how much she learned in medical school. But once the newborn has been placed into Ric's arms, Robin warns that Alexis may not survive the trauma. (excerpt from SID 11/22/05)

Jason's Final Rescue? With danger all around, Jason ventures into the tunnels to play hero by rescuing a loved one. As he, Robin and Sam attempt to escape the underground inferno, one of the ladies takes a near fatal plunge. Jason once agan saves the day, but his attempt to lead them all to safety is derailed by a massive headache which sends him plunging over the edge of a cliff! Unable to revive her ailing lover, Sam dashes off for help. While she's gone, Jason finds himself in deep water (and nearly drowning) but is rescued by Carly. Locating Soony and Reese, Sam brings them back to Jason's side. The still-groggy hero insists that he saw Carly, who's missing from Rose Lawn. (excerpt from SID 11/22/05)

GH Jason Saves Sonny's Life- But Who Will Save His? ... Robin is a doctor in Paris whose specialty is something very similar to Jason's problem," teases Guza about Jason's lost love. "This is not a coincidence. Robin actually took up this neurological study because of what happened to Jason all those years ago. But we don't know her feelings for Jason now. Are her feelings for him just a memory? What will happen when she and Jason are in the same room? How strong is Sam and Jason's love?"
     "Sam is extremely worried about Jason," elaborates Pratt. "Admist all the danger, she is looking for alternative treatments for him, and that's going to lead her to Robin." (SOD 10/25/05)

Recognition Factor:  One would think that since Kimberly McCullough literally grew up on-camera playing Robin from 1985-1996 (and again in 1997-98, 2000 and 2004), she'd be used to being recognized in public. But in her case, it comes with a catch. "I don't know why this happens, but I always get recognized when I look like crap," she laughs. "If I'm coming back from dance class or the gym, or I just wake up in the morning, I'll throw some sweats on and I'll go get coffee, and those are always the times when people recognize me. When I look cute? Nobody says anything. I'm like, 'Did I look awful on the show or something? Or was it because I was always crying?' It's so weird." (SOD 10/25/05)

Man in the Middle. Will Robin's Return derail Jason's relationship with sam? Just because GH's Jason can't remember the past doesn't mean it can't pull him back in as this week, he makes a decision regarding his role in Sonny's organization. But as Sam stands by her man, his ex-lover, Robin, may be the only one who can keep him alive!...
     Catching Up with Robin. Meanwhile, in Paris, Robin Scorpio seems at a crossroads as well, as she considers her rather lonely existence and the life she left behind years earlier. "She's one of those people that buries herself in her work," sets up Kimberly McCullough (Robin). "She doesn't have much of a social life. She's a very serious doctor, but she misses her family and friends desperately."
     After receiving a phone call from Mac wishing her a happy birthday, Robin gets into a heated argument with a hot-blooded surgeon who ignores her suggestion and, as a result, loses a patient (and not in the "Where did he go?" sense.) The surgeon, Henri, apologizes and asks Robin out on a date, leading her to fill him in on the fats of her life. "She tells Henri, 'You should know that this is the situation,'" says the actress of the moment that her character reveals that she is HIV-positive. "She is both realistic and practical."
     Is Jason Dying?... At GH, Tony does an exam and reveals that Jason needs either new medication or a very risky operation. As luck would have it, the French have a new treatment which just might prove beneficial to the patient. And it just so happens that the person they should contact for help is none other than Jason's ex, Robin! Will she be the one to save the life of her greatest love? And how will that impact Jason's future with Sam? (excerpts from SID 10/25/05)

Robin Returns! On Wednesday, October 12, Kimberly McCullough makes her way back onto the GH canvas. How did ABC convince the actress to make a long-term return to the soap after seven years?
     The In Depth story: Over the summer, GH co-head writers Charles Pratt Jr. and Robert Guza Jr. approached ABC Daytime president Brian Scott Frons and shared their vision of how Robin could return to Port Charles. "They came to me, and they had this great, emotional thought of how Robin would return," says Frons. But the story Guza and Pratt wanted to tell required a three-year commitment from McCullough, a feat the scribes knew might prove to be difficult to accomplish since her prior combacks were always short ones (since the actress wanted to focus on primetime television and films.)
     Frons recounts that the writers met with McCullough and explained that they needed a long-term commitment. "She was willing to do that, which is what I think the fans would really want," shares the exec. "It would be a shame for her to come back and spend only six months on the show. It's a long-term contract that she's made with the show, and we are thrilled to have her. It's going to be great for her, for the story and for GH."
     Adding that he has high hopes that Robin's return will bring higher ratings to GH, Frons points out, "She will be connected to Jason and Sam, who are so incredibly hot at the moment." But loyal Jason and Sam fans shouldn't immediatly assume that Robin's return will be a spoiler for the happy pair. "Jason's brain injury is what brings her back," Frons explains. "Robin's been living an isolated life in Paris because of the emotional scars she has from Stone's death and the loss of Jason. To me, the return of Robin to Port Charles is so much a return of Robin to life. That's why I think it's such a great story."
     What about Robin's Parents?  As soon as word broke out that Kimberly McCullough would be coming "home" to GH, fans immediately wondered if her character's parents, Anna and Robert- played by Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers- would be returning as well. "I would love to work with Finola and Tristan again," says McCullough. However, according to ABC Daytime president Brian Scott Frons, the actress's wish will go unfulfilled... at least for now. "I can't tell you whether it's going to happen," the executive claims. "But it would certainly be an interesting historical connection for Anna and Robin to reconnect." (SID 10/25/05)

“Robin's Daily Dose” launches October 12, the first-ever blog for a soap character- Website Solidifies Network’s Position in the Media Forefront.  Commemorating the return of the beloved “General Hospital” character Robin Scorpio, a blog entitled “Robin’s Daily Dose” – the first-ever for a character on a daytime drama – will launch on the website at www.robinscorpio.com, it was announced today by Brian Frons, president, ABC Daytime. Immediately available on a daily basis after the show’s network broadcast, viewers will be able to read Robin’s first entry– as she celebrates her 28th birthday alone and missing her family and friends– on Wednesday, October 12, the same day the character returns to the canvas.
     Now a doctor living in Paris, Robin– played by two-time Emmy Award winner Kimberly McCullough – makes a return visit to Port Charles, for she is urgently needed back home… but disaster strikes and changes destiny. Like the 1995 best-selling novel “Robin’s Diary,” which chronicled the character and her feelings for her first true love, Stone Cates - who eventually died of AIDS- the blog will give browsers a unique and entertaining look (not found anywhere else and separate from the show’s storyline) at the character’s innermost thoughts and feelings in a format that contemporary audiences can access every day on the internet. The site was developed by abc.com in conjunction with ABC Daytime. (ABC Medianet)

Get Personal with Robin:  Robin Scorpio is back on GH and now you can get the inside track on her character by reading her daily online blog, "Robin's Daily Dose" at robinscorpio.com. Through her daily postings, you'll come to learn what Robin is really feeling as she returns to her old life in PC and meets up with her former love, Jason. When Jason is hit with another headache, Tony confirms that he's getting worse, but that a possible treatment is being researched by Robin Scorpio in France. (ABC Hotsheet, 10/05)

Robin Returns to Port Charles to Help Jason: Robin spends a lonely birthday in Paris not knowing that she may be the one person who's able to heal Jason, her former love. (ABC Hotsheet, 10/05)

The Doctor Is In!  It's Robin to the rescue this fall on GH, when the young doctor returns to Port Charles to save the ailing Jason. "I don't know how much I can say," demurs the actress, "but Sam is the one who actually goes to Robin and asks her to come back."  
     Sam tracks down Robin at a medical convention in New York in late October and begs her to help Jason. Of course, Robin feels compelled to come to the aid of her ex, particularly since she's so close to home. When fans first see Robin on Oct. 12, however, she's gainfully employed in Frace.
     "Viewers don't see me until the last scene," reveals McCullough, noting that that her first scenes are in a Paris hospital. "Everything is shot from behind. You hear people speaking French to each other. Some nurses say, 'Good morning, doctor,' but they don't show my face."
     Later, Robin returns to her apartment, where she awaits a phone call from her Uncle Mac. "He calls to say Happy Birthday," outlines McCullough. "Then he gets beeped and has to go. That makes Robin sad, because she doesn't get to talk to him that long. Robin is upset. She's alone on her birthday."
     But she won't be alone for long, thanks to Jason. The actress' first day back wasn't a rousing cast reunion. "The scene with Mac was a one-way with myself," she sighs. She did get to mingle with some old friends backstage, though. "I saw Steve Burton (Jason), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), and I met Rick Hearst (Ric). Steve was really excited. That was cool. It was funny. He came into the hair and makeup room and there was blood all ovre his leg. I was like, 'What happened to you?' He said, 'Oh I get shot every day on the show.'" (SOW 10/11/05)

Below is an excerpt from Maurice's recent interview by Carolyn Hinsey, SOW 11/11/05:
Soap Opera Weekly:  Are you going to have scenes with Kimberly McCullough when she comes back? 
Maurice Bernard:  I'm sure. And I can't wait because she's a doll.
Soap Opera Weekly:  She's coming back to fix Jason. She's working on some cure for mental illness which will help him get his memory back, although I don't know which memory he is going to get back- the memory of him being a Quartermaine in the reindeer sweater, or the memory of being Sonny's bitch. I only say that because you say it! 
Maurice Bernard:  That's cool. Steve is the one who made it up.

Robin Flies Home!  Much to fans' delight, Kimberly McCullough is returning to her Emmy-winning role of Robin Scorpio on GH. Will the return of Jason's first post-brain damage love be the worst news possible for Sam? 
     The In Depth Story:  "I don't know," laughs McCullough, who was recently made aware of a group of hardcore Jason/Robin fans who have wanted them back together again after their six-year separation. "I hear that they're very excited about Sam and Jason, too. [Co-headwriter] Bob Guza told me that they were the most famous couple in daytime right now." Jason and Sam aside, McCullough is thrilled about being back under contract (for an undisclosed period of time) at GH. "I am filled with eager anticipation to return to the role of Robin Scorpio. It is so flattering to know that, after all these years, GH fans are still excited about Robin coming back to Port Charles. I can't wait to be back with my family again."
     While storyline details are sketchy, one thing is certain- Robin's return was designed to create a little havoc in Jason and Sam's relationship. Robin, who has been living in Paris, gets a call saying she is needed urgently back in Port Charles. Once home again, she immediately crosses paths with her former love, Jason.
     It wasn't so much the storyline itself that excited McCullough enough to bring her back to the show she started on when she was 7- it was returning to her "home" and the idea of working side by side with Steve Burton (Jason) and Maurice Bernard (Sonny) again. "They said that they'll have me working with those guys... and that was enough for me," McCullough smiles. "They did say I was coming back as a doctor, though. That's exciting for me because most of the roles I play, I'm, like, 18," adds the 27-year-old with a laugh. "I just don't know if I'll be able to keep my nose ring as a doctor!" The actress will first air on Wednesday, October 12. (SID 9/27/05)

Robin Flies Home to General Hospital (by Daniel R. Coleridge, TV Guide Online, 10/05):  After nearly eight years away from Port Charles, Kimberly McCullough, now 27, returns to General Hospital as Robin Scorpio on Oct. 12. Long ago, Robin flew off to Europe after her romance with Jason (Steve Burton) went bust. McCullough went on to prime-time success with roles on Once and Again, Joan of Arcadia and The Shield. Although she's occasionally revisited GH over the years (and even reunited with TV-mom Finola Hughes on All My Children in 2001), the soap vet was never expected to make a permanent comeback. So why would she sign a long-term pact with GH now? Here McCullough tells all to TVGuide.com.

TVGuide.com: Welcome back! But why are you back? Most soap actors who successfully jump to prime time just stay there, or try to become movie stars.
Kimberly McCullough: I have a very good answer to that. Even if I were to get a regular role on a nighttime series, I don't think I would be happy because I don't want to be an actress for the rest of my life. I want to be a director. When I worked on Joan of Arcadia with my good friend Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily, GH), I saw that she worked 16 hours a day, every day. I want to have a life! The soap is a perfect job because I can work with people I love, but I don't work all day, every day, and I'll still have freedom to pursue my other dream.

TVGuide.com: You've been back on the GH set for just a few days, right?
McCullough: Yeah. It's interesting, because we've only shot episodes where I'm in Paris. In my first episode I speak only French. Then I'm alone and on the phone [with characters in Port Charles] all the time. So I'm basically acting with myself. I don't feel like I'm back in the swing of things yet because I have not acted with anybody I know.

TVGuide.com: I've always wondered: Is anyone really there when a soap character talks on the phone?
McCullough: Well, the stage manager is on the other end, but he reads the lines really fast and blandly.

TVGuide.com: Who's Robin supposed to be talking to?
McCullough: Dr. Tony Jones (Brad Maule) calls and says Jason has the same [brain-damage] condition he had before. Tony knows I've been working on experimental drugs and asks if I can help.

TVGuide.com: So what kind of "experimental drugs" has Robin been messing with while she's been away? Cocaine? Ecstasy? Hash?
McCullough: [Laughs] I wish!

TVGuide.com: I certainly don't condone drug use, but Robin does need to loosen up. She's so straitlaced.
McCullough: No kidding! Why am I such a downer? We did one scene where I'm in the hospital and I'm telling the French nurses to be quiet because they're having a good time. It's like I don't want to have fun and I don't want anyone else to be having fun either.

TVGuide.com: It's funny that Robin's an M.D. now. At least she didn't become a doctor overnight, like other soap characters do. This is realism on a soap!
McCullough: Mmm... a little bit. Eight years is actually sufficient for her to have attended medical school.

TVGuide.com: So will Robin come between Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco)?
McCullough: All I know is Jason doesn't remember Robin. An ex-boyfriend not knowing who you are is pretty weird.

TVGuide.com: Of course. A girl likes to feel she's memorable.
McCullough: I remember I was out at a club with a friend and we saw this guy. She was like, "Oh, my god, I know I hooked up with him but I cannot remember his name for the life of me!" That's so bad. At least Jason has brain damage as an excuse.

TVGuide.com: Scandalous! So which of your costars have you caught up with?
McCullough: Steve [Burton] came in the hair and makeup room with blood all over his leg. It was really funny. I asked, "What happened to you?" He's like, "I don't know, I get shot every day on this show." And I've always kept in touch with Maurice Benard (Sonny) over the years.

TVGuide.com: Speaking of special friends, those nosy soap fans - like me - want to know if you're single or attached these days.
McCullough: [Laughs] I have no love life whatsoever. That's my comment! I'm definitely not gonna date a soap actor. That's my rule. If you date an actor on the same show, disaster strikes.

TVGuide.com: Oh, we're definitely gonna have to take this conversation offline...

Fly Away Home- GH's Robin returns, but what does that mean for Jason and Sam?  It's news that many GH viewers have been waiting to hear for years: Fan fave Kimberly McCullough, who joined the show in 1985 at age 7 and literally grew up before the audience's eyes, comes home to Port Charles on October 12.
     "We've wanted to bring Kimberly back for a long time," reveals Head Writer Robert Guza, Jr. "And her schedule finally allowed it to be possible." While the scribe is mum on the exact length of her stay, he will say, "Kimberly is not going anywhere. This is no short-term gig. She's back on the show for a good, long while."
     Doing what, exactly? "We came up with a very interesting story which will involve a career for Robin," Guza continues. "There is a situation currently on air on the show that is going to lead to the direct reason why Robin returns, and needless to say, it will have an impact and repercussions on Sam and Jason. Let's just say Sam is going to need Robin, and even though she needs Robin, she's got to wonder about the advisability of putting one of the loves of Jason's life back in his orbit."
     "This is huge!" notes Sam's portrayer, Kelly Monaco. "At the moment, Jason has amnesia, so I'm sure this is going to shake things up tons. But that's the fun of soaps. We'll all be on the roller coaster together and see what unfolds."
     Jason's change of life not only leaves him vulnerable, but could be dangerous for those around him, as well. "We particularly love, in the rollout of all of this, that it gives us a chance to really examine what makes Jason who he is," notes Guza. "What makes somebody turn into a character like Jason was? What happens when a hit man renounces violence? What happens to the people in his life? HIs family? His loved ones who count on him to protect them? And he's suddenly saying, 'I don't want to kill people. It's not right. I'm not going to kill in cold blood. I won't.'"
     But, warns Guza, just because Jason has seemingly renounced his life of violence doesn't necessarily mean there's a reunion with Robin in the making. "The fact is, Robin's going to come back in a crisis and for a crisis," teases the scribe. "And you must remember, Robin is the one who blew the secret that AJ was Michael's father, and that caused a major rift with many of the people she loved, primarily Jason and Sonny. When Jason and Robin connected at Lila's memorial [last year], they skirted the business between them, so don't think that's over and make the assumption that Jason is going to go flying back into Robin's arms because, in fact, he and Sam have become a very tight couple. They're deeply in love."
     Can that love survive? Many fans are asking that question, concerned that Robin's return signals the departure of Monaco from GH. Not so, say both the exec and the actress. "This is not going to be a way to cover because Kelly's going off to do whatever she's going to do," assures Guza. "That is not the case. She's around for the long term and we have major story plans for Jason and Sam."
      Monaco echoes the sentiment, adding that Sam may fear Robin's return, but she's thrilled to be working with McCullough. "When I first heard about it, I thought it was fantastic," Monaco enthuses. "The more the merrier. She's a fantastic actress. She has an amazing history here and if we can bring some of that back, where there's longevity in a story and a character, I think it's wonderful."
     And Robin's return may not be the only one we'll see in coming months. When asked if Robin's estranged parents, Anna and Robert, could show up, Guza smiles and teases, "We're very big on family on General Hospital." (by Tom Stacy, SOD 9/20/05)

Rockin' Robin Why Kimberly McCullough is making a return trip to GH.  (by Stephanie Sloan, SOD 9/20/05)
Soap Opera Digest:  How did your return come about?
Kimberly McCullough:  Jill [Farren Phelps, executive producer] actually gave me a call and asked if I could come in for a meeting. So I went in and it was Jill, myself and [Head Writers] Bob Guza and Chuck Pratt. They wer just asking me a bunch of questions, like would I be interested in coming back and for how long. Shortly after that, I got an offer from [ABC Daytime President] Brian Frons.
Soap Opera Digest:  Had you thought about coming back prior to Jill calling you?
Kimberly McCullough:  It's always sort of been in the back of my mind, but I didn't seek it out, I didn't call them. They just kind of came at the right time. I had recently moved to the beach, so I was really busy over the last six months. I was sitting on the beach, [thinking about how] I haven't really worked hard since I've been on GH, and I remember sitting there and saying, "I need to work hard. What am I going to do with myself?" Then I got the call like two days later. It was perfect timing. I think I needed to go out and kind of see that I could play other characters. I just needed to grow up and not be so in the public eye and not be so recognizable and find out who I was. I grew up on General Hospital and never really had time to myself, so I've kind of done that now.
Soap Opera Digest:  Are you aware of how much fan support there has been over the years for your return?
Kimberly McCullough:  I don't really involve myself in that because I've never been one to really like the attention. It's very flattering and I acknowledge it and I appreciate it, though. I was on since I was a little kid. I think a lot of people kind of adopted me as their daughter.
Soap Opera Digest:  Did you keep in touch with your co-stars?
Kimberly McCullough:  I talked to Tyler [Christopher, Nikolas] yesterday and Steve [Burton, Jason] and Maurice [Bernard, Sonny]- those are really the people I've kept in touch with. I'm excited to work with them. 
Soap Opera Digest:  Are you looking forward to working with Kelly Monaco [Sam]?
Kimberly McCullough:  Yes, she's really, really good. The only thing I worry about is that everyone always says how much we look alike. I'm worried about people getting us confused. My hair is lamost exactly the same as hers.
Soap Opera Digest:  Have you kept up with the show?
Kimberly McCullough:  Oh, yes. I TiVo it every day. That and Oprah.
Soap Opera Digest:  What will your first day back be like?
Kimberly McCullough:  Probably pretty surreal. I keep having this image of standing on the dock and having somebody hand me my purse- because that's the last thing they give you before you start a scene- and just tripping out, like I can't believe I'm here right now. I don't think it's going to be totally strange because over the years, I've always gone in and said hello and it's pretty much the same people as far as the crew.
Soap Opera Digest:  Are you worried at all about the memorization?
Kimberly McCullough:  A little. I have no memory, anyway, because growing up I would learn my lines and then have to throw them away, so I have the worst short-term memory. I haven't had to memorize lines like that in eight years.
Soap Opera Digest:  What are you most looking forward to about returning?
Kimberly McCullough:  Working hard.

Looking Back-  Here's all that you need to know to get caught up on Jason and Robin's romance.
1995:  Robin contracted HIV from first love Stone, who later died of AIDS; Jason lost his virginity to girlfriend Keesha.
1996:  Jason suffered brain damage after a drunk-driving accident with AJ behind the wheel. When he regained consciousness, Jason turned his back on the Quartermaines, joined Sonny's mob and fell for Robin.

1997:  Unable to accept Jason's mob lifestyle, Robin moved to Paris to study at the Sorbonne.
1998:  Robin returned and moved in with Jason. After Carly left town, the pair raised Michael together. Determined to make the most of their second chance, Jason quit the mob.

1999:  The reconciliation was short-lived. Jason rejoined Sonny's gang, but before she went back to Paris, Robin admitted to AJ that he, not Jason, was Michael's biological dad.
2000:  Robin came home to attend the Nurses' Ball.

2004:  Robin visited again to pay her respects at Lila's memorial service, where she and Jason shared a warm moment.

Robin Returns to GH:  Did TVGuide.com call it or what? ABC is now officially confirming that Daytime Emmy winner Kimberly McCullough will return to General Hospital as Robin Scorpio. She first airs in the Oct. 12 episode, when Robin is summoned home from Paris for an emergency. Naturally she'll reconnect with old flame Jason (Steve Burton). "I am filled with eager anticipation to return to the role of Robin Scorpio," McCullough said in a statement. "It is so flattering to know that, after all these years, GH fans are still excited about Robin coming back to Port Charles. I can't wait to be back with my family again."
     McCullough's daytime return comes as a surprise, albeit a pleasant one, considering her prime-time success. Since leaving GH, she's booked memorable gigs on series including Joan of Arcadia, The Shield, CSI and ER. So is this merely a brief courtesy comeback, like others she's done before?
     "Kimberly is coming back full-throttle with a contract," her rep insists to TVGuide.com. "She is not recurring." Adds ABC Daytime president Brian Frons: "Robin Scorpio is a character that the fans have never forgotten and has ties to so many of the current stories that are playing [on GH]. I am delighted that Kimberly will be reprising this role, and we can all look forward to an emotionally compelling story that will draw Robin back into the fold." (TV Guide Online, 8/31/05)

Robin Returns! So Long, Sam?  ABC's surprise announcement on Aug. 26 that Kimberly McCullough is reprising the role of Robin Scorpio on GH has sparked rumors that Kelly Monaco (Sam) is on her way out. 
     It has been widely reported that Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry wants Monaco for a role on the hit drama next season. (Incidentally, GH co-head writer Charles Pratt Jr. is also consulting producer of DH.) What gives? Despite McCullough's return, Monaco is staying put- for now. 
     "Absolutely," confirms Monaco. "The beauty of soaps is that you're allowed [to do other projects]. I am very loyal to General Hospital and ABC. They're my first priority, and that's that. I committed to something and that's all that needs to be said, because that is who I am.
     However, Monaco would love to do DH one day. While she "cannot comment" on the rumor that she's in talks with the show, she will say this: "I've seen the show and it's brillant. It would be something that I would absolutely be interested in." Does she want to work with the hot plumber? "I don't want to work with the guys," she retorts. "I work with guys all day long. I want to work with the chicks. The chicks run that show."
     As for McCullough's return, ABC president Brian Frons said in a statement, "Robin Scorpio is a character that fans have never forgotten... We look forward to an emotionally compelling story that will draw Robin back into the fold."
     McCullough, who first airs Oct. 12 added, "It is so flattering to know that after all these years, GH fans are still excited about Robin coming back to Port Charles."  McCullough has won two Emmys in the role. Robin said goodbye to Jason and left for Paris in 1999 to finish college and attend medical school, after revealing the truth of Michael's parentage to AJ. She return to PC for the Nurses' Ball in 2000, crossed over to All My Children in 2001 to be reunited with her presumed dead mother, Anna, and briefly returned to GH in 2004 for Lila's funeral. Welcome back! (SOW 9/13/05)

Kimberly McCullough Returns to GH:  Fan favorite Kimberly McCullough returns to Port Charles, beginning pn October 12. The actress literally grew up in the role of Robin Scorpio, which she began in 1985 at age 7 and played until 1966, returning again from 1997-99 (she also made brief appearances in 2000 and 2004). McCullough even took the character to AMC in 2001 to facilitate the Pine Valley arrival of Finola Hughes as Robin's mother, Anna.
     "Robin Scorpio is a character that the fans have never forgotten and has ties to so many of the current stories that are playing," said Brian Frons, president of ABC Daytime, in a statement. "I am delighted that Kimberly will be reprising this role, and we can all look forward to an emotionally compelling story that will draw Robin back into the fold."
     Look for Robin to be involved with true love Jason, whose participation in the mob led to their 1999 breakup. Robin, who is still living in Paris, receives word that she is needed at home and immediately crosses paths with her old flame.
     "I am filled with eager anticipation to return to the role of Robin Scorpio," noted McCullough, also in a statement. "It is so flattering to know that after all these years, GH fans are still excited about Robin coming back to Port Charles. I can't wait to be back with my family again."
     McCullough has won two Emmys, in 1989 and 1996, and two Soap Opera Digest Awards, in 1986 and 1993, for her work. (SOD 9/13/05)

Robin Returns:  Kimberly McCullough is coming home to GENERAL HOSPITAL! After seven years away from the soap she joined as a young girl, McCullough is reprising her role, and will first air on Wednesday, October 7. "I am filled with eager anticipation to return to the role of Robin Scorpio," says the actress in a statement. "It is so flattering to know that, after all these years, GH fans are still excited about Robin coming back to Port Charles. I can’t wait to see my family again." (SID 8/26/05)

Robin Flying Home:  Chat rooms have been abuzz with word that fan-fave Kimberly McCullough is returning to General Hospital as Robin Scorpio. A source close to the actress confirms to TVGuide.com that the Daytime Emmy winner's comeback will be announced this Friday on SoapNet Reveals ABC Soap Secrets, which will air in The View's time slot on ABC. Since the sudser is taking Sonny's protégé Jason (Steve Burton) in a kinder, gentler direction- and Robin nixed him for being a big, bad Mafia enforcer- this would be a fortuitous time for the young ex-lovers to reconnect. By the way, the Soap Secrets special is also said to contain news of an important GH character's recast. A show rep would not comment on any of this juicy dish. (TV Guide Online, 8/24/05)

Kimberly McCullough Returns as Robin Scorpio on ABC Daytime's GH:  Emmy Award-winning actress Kimberly McCullough returns as "General Hospital's" Robin Scorpio, the role she originated as a seven year old child, it was announced today by Brian Frons, president, ABC Daytime. Her first airdate will be Wednesday, October 12.
     "Robin Scorpio is a character that the fans have never forgotten and has ties to so many of the current stories that are playing. I am delighted that Kimberly will be reprising this role, and we can all look forward to an emotionally compelling story that will draw Robin back into the fold," said Mr. Frons in making the announcement.
     Ms. McCullough added: "I am filled with eager anticipation to return to the role of Robin Scorpio. It is so flattering to know that, after all these years, GH fans are still excited about Robin coming back to Port Charles. I can't wait to be back with my family again."
     In the upcoming storyline, Robin - who is still living in Paris - gets information that she is urgently needed back home. Upon her arrival, she immediately finds herself crossing paths with former flame Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and others from her past.
     Robin's emergence into a smart, beautiful young woman was witnessed by long-time viewers of "General Hospital" when she was diagnosed as HIV-positive prior to the AIDS-related death of her true love, Stone Cates. Ms. McCullough won two Emmy Awards for her performance as Robin Scorpio.
     Her first professional work came at the age of seven months, when she did a diaper commercial with Juliet Mills. She then danced on television in "Fame," "Solid Gold" and "The People's Choice Awards." On film, she danced in the movie "Electric Boogaloo: Breakin' 2," and also appeared in "Bugsy" as the daughter of Warren Beatty, and as Kevin Kline's daughter in "Consenting Adults." In addition she appeared on stage in the Los Angeles production of "Les MisC)rables" as Little Cosette. (ABC Press Release, 8/05)

L.A. girl McCullough plays a Big Apple native in the film Greener Mountains. "It is about a young man who inherits this resort in the mountains," previews McCullough (ex-Robin). "It's all about whether or not he wants it."
     McCullough plays Alice, the young man's love interest. "The girl that comes from New York City and makes him think about other places." Once again, "I'm the quintessential girlfriend," she jokes "And I'm also working on [directing] my own short film. I'm almost finished with that, so that takes up most of my time," McCullough explains. (SOD Online, 2005)

Remembering Lila - and Anna Lee: "I said, 'Absolutely,' I didn't even have to think about it," shared McCullough between takes.  "It's my way of honoring Anna Lee and her contribution to the show.  She was such a sweetheart.  She never forgot a birthday of mine.  She always had a gift for me.  She was so caring."
     McCullough enthused that it was "great to see people.  The person I had most of my scenes with was Maurice Bernard (Sonny), and I keep in touch with him.  It's great fun to be able to work with a friend.  And I have a scene with Steve Burton," noted McCullough, adding that fans can look forward to things getting resolved between Robin and Jason "to a point.  Both of them apologize in their own way." (Excerpt from SOW, 7/20/04)

"I watched Lila's funeral on GH three times- once when it aired and then twice more on SoapNet. It was awesome. Scenes between Robin and Sonny, Robin and Jason, Lucy, Kevin, Bobbie, Tony, Felicia and Mac were great payoffs for long-time fans. The eulogies were funny and touching and consistent with the characters. Even the music was spot-on." (Carolyn Hinsey, SOD 8/17/04)

Funeral Visits Answer Some Questions- And Raise New Ones! SID takes a look at who's back for GH's tribute to the late Anna Lee (Lila) and why, as well as who isn't and why not.
     When GH remembers Lee in episodes that begin airing Thursday, July 15, at least some of the returning faces not only will mourn the Quartermaine matriarch, but also address plot points left dangling since their absence.
     Kimberly McCullough, as Mac's niece, Robin, is one of six GH alumni making an appearance. "I adore Anna Lee," the actress tells In Depth. "She never forgot my birthday; every year, I would get a gift." Accordingly, McCullough was pleased to be included in the on-air tribute, taped on June 24. "I thought I was just going to be in the crowd, which would have been totally fine with me. But I have my own scenes with Maurice [Bernard, Sonny] and a scene where [ex-lovers] Jason and Robin resolve some stuff.
     "They must have wanted to tie up a loose end or two while they had me!" Robin even explains Brenda's absence, since gal pal Vanessa Marcil couldn't attend the taping. A source over at NBC tells In Depth that while Las Vegas executive producer Gary Scott Thompson may not have a problem with his star doing GH, other network honchos likely forbade it. "Having her on another network's soap is going to raise [ABC's] ratings," points out the spy. (excerpt from SID 7/20/04)

She's a badass, and you can quote me on that!" laughed Kimberly McCullough in reference to Tamblyn's impassioned political readings. "What she's doing on every level is so commendable and inspiring. Besides the fact that she had major guts to get up there in front of all these people and read something that is so personal to her."

Reunion in Arcadia:  A pair of General Hospital grads dish about old days.  I'm no fool. When CBS invited me to the set of "Joan of Arcadia" to interview Amber Tamblyn and Kimberly McCullough, I hightailed it over there. After all, these two were '90s icons on "General Hospital" and played the kind of complex, achingly real kids that are rarely seen on soaps today. Tamblyn was a brilliant but drug-plagued Emily; McCullough was the innocent Robin, who fell for a street tough and contracted HIV.
     Now, of course, Tamblyn is chatting it up with God. McCullough showed up in Arcadia late last season as Beth, the ex-girlfriend of Joan's disabled brother, Kevin [Jason Ritter]. But series creator Barbara Hall says McCullough's guest stint "left much unfinished business," so she will return October 29 for the first of several episodes. 
     "I love that we're together again," says Tamblyn, 21, who considers McCullough, 26, to be her guru. "When I started on GH, Kimmie said 'Don't take the easy route by going to school on set. You have to do it the hard way and go to public school.' I followed her example, and it kept me from becoming a freak.
     McCullough won two Emmys on GH, while Tamblyn - despite seven years of sensational work - failed to land even one nomination. And it still burns her butt. "I don't know why awards carry such stealth, but they do," she says. "It was really frustrating not to be recognized. It was horrible. Then, the first year out of the gate with Joan, I get nominated. Life is utterly bizarre."
     But those daytime trophies ain't what they're cracked up to be. "My Emmys held me back," says McCullough, who exited GH in 2000 [site note: it was 1999] hoping to segue into comedy. "Casting people heard about my awards and said 'She can't be funny. I don't want to see her.'" So she went edgy, playing a vampirish Goth girl on "CSI", a car thief on "The Shield" and an outer space hooker on "Firefly". Last year she finally landed a recurring gig on a sitcom - alas it was CBS's ill fated "The Stones". But the stigma was broken. "Now," McCullough says, "my agents don't even mention my Emmys."
     Both women rave about GH when it was run by executive producer Wendy Riche. "She is my Goddess in life," Tamblyn says. [Riche was ousted in 2000, and Tamblyn quit in 2001.] McCullough recently returned to the soap for a funeral, but neither star has much good to say about the current state of GH. "It all went to hell," states Tamblyn, "But that's another story for another time." TV (Michael Logan, TV Guide, October 10-17, 2004)

ABC Newswire... McCullough Returns!: Stephen Nathan, executive producer for Joan of Arcadia tells In Depth that Kimberly McCullough will reprise her role as Kevin's ex-girlfriend, Beth, during the CBS drama's second season. "Kevin and Beth will reestablish ties," he tells us. McCullough, thus far slated for at least two episodes, first airs in late October/early November. (SID 8/31/04)

GH's McCullough: She's "Flattered," But... Although it's been years since Kimberly McCullough graced the GH screen as Robin Scorpio- she last appeared in 1998- mail continues to flood the SOW offices asking about her possible return to the show.
     "It's crazy!" exclaims McCullough, "I have a Website and I get emails from fans writing me about all these petitions to get me to come back. It's flattering.  I grew up on [on GH], so [I guess] there's a different type of attachment than to adult being on the show for a long time.  [Viewers] feel protective of my character and want to know that she's okay. Especially because Robin is HIV positive.
     That said, fans shouldn't get their hopes up about McCullough resurfacing - she has too many irons in the fire. " I started making my short film," she enthuses, "It's almost finished.  I also just did an independent film called Inn Trouble and I'm pretty sure I'm going back to Joan of Arcadia next season." (SOW 7/20/04)

Funeral Visits Answer Some Questions - And Raises New Ones! When GH remembers Lee in episodes that begin airing Thursday July 15th, at least some of the returning faces not only will mourn the Quartermaine matriarch, but also address plot points left dangling since their absence.
     Kimberly McCullough, as Mac's niece, Robin is one of six GH alumni making an appearance. "I adore Anna Lee," the actress tells In Depth. "She never forgot my birthday; every year, I would get a gift." Accordingly, McCullough was pleased to be included in the on-air tribute, taped on June 24. "I thought I was just going to be in the crowd, which would have been totally fine with me. But I have my own scenes with Maurice (Benard, Sonny) and a scene where (ex-lovers) Jason and Robin resolve some stuff.
     "They must have wanted to tie up a loose end or two while they had me!" Robin even explains Brenda's absence, since gal pal Vanessa Marcil couldn't attend the taping. (SID 7/20/04)

GH's Robin & Jason: Reunited! Robin returns home from Paris this week from Paris this week on GH to pay her respects to Lila.  But it's her reunion with Jason - they last saw each other in 1998 - that viewers have been waiting for.  "Things are resolved to a point." teases Kimberly McCullough, Robin.  "Both of them kind of apologize to each other in their own way, it's good."
     She also shares scenes with Maurice Benard (Sonny).  "I keep in touch with him, so it's great to be able to work with a friend," she shares.  When Robin sees Sonny, she passes along good wishes from Brenda.  "Brenda couldn't come back for the funeral," the actress explains.  "She wants Sonny to know that she's happy and that she wants Sonny to be happy, as well."
     For McCullough, slipping back into character is easy. "Everybody keeps asking me, 'Does it feel weird to be back?'  And it doesn't at all," she reveals.  "It feels normal.  I have come back over the years to say hi to everybody, so it's not like I haven't seen them in six years."  This return, however, has been the most meaningful.  "There are two feelings [that I have]," explains McCullough.  "No. 1, it's sad. l It's a sad occasion to come back, but it's my way to honor Anna Lee and her contribution to the show.  When I was asked to come back, I said absolutely.  I didn't have to think about it.  The other thing, though, is that it's great to see people again."
     And the actress knows that its' also great to be seen by her numerous fans.  "It's very flattering," she smiles of the many requests to have Robin return to GH.  "I think that because I grew up on the show and was a kid, there's a different kind of attachment to Robin.  I think people feel kind of protective of my character.  They want to know that she's okay - especially since she left HIV-positive."
     Although she won't rule out another GH appearance, for now, the actress will be (most likely) making a return to Joan of Arcadia, this fall and has just wrapped the indie film, Inn Trouble. (SOD 7/20/04)

GH Remembers Anna: Memories and tears filled the General Hospital studio on June 24, as cast members past and present gathered for the show's tribute to the late Anna Lee (Lila), airing July 15 and 16. "It's a sad occasion to come back to, but at the same time, it's my way of honoring Anna and all her contributions to the show," shared Kimberly McCullough, who returned as Robin Scorpio. The young actress revealed how Lee took her matriarch role truly to heart. "She never forgot a birthday of mine, and she always had a gift for me. She was so caring, wanting to know what's going on in my life." (excerpt from TV Guide Online, 7/2/04)

Kimberly Visits Arcadia: It's a GH reunion on Friday, May 7, when Kimberly McCullough (ex-Robin) guest-stars on CBS' JOAN OF ARCADIA, the hit drama starring her pal Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily). "After I got to the set and signed in," McCullough tells Soaps In Depth, "Amber came running over and was like, 'Kimmy! What are you doing here?' I said, 'I'm auditioning for your show!'"
    As revealed in In Depth's exclusive story on this reunion, McCullough had Tamblyn agree not to call in any favors; instead, the two-time Emmy winner simply gave the best audition she could. Afterward, "Amber told the producers, 'You know, my friend Kimmy just read for you,' and they were like, 'Oh yeah? Well, we decided to give her the part.'"
     Adds Tamblyn, "We actually only have one scene together, but it was a total trip. Kimmy is a phenomenal actress, and it was cool to introduce her to my friends on the show, and have her be a part of my life."
     Tamblyn's was not the only familiar face McCullough saw. "It's the same crew as ONCE & AGAIN," she notes, referring to a previous primetime gig. "They were all like, 'Ooh, are you on our show?!'"
     Could McCullough visit ARCADIA again, perhaps next season, in a recurring capacity? "They haven't told me anything. I'll leave it at that. But it was so cool to work with Amber. I still feel a bit like her big sister, and am so proud of her!" (SID Online, 5/04)  More episode information on Kimberly's character can be found here.

GH Pals Reunite on Primetime! Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily) and Kimberly McCullough share their joy about working together on CBS' Joan of Arcadia. "How cool is that?!" Tamblyn raves when SID asks her about McCullough guest-starring on her hit drama. "Kim and I have stayed really close over the years, so when she called to say, 'I'm auditioning for your show today,' I was like, 'Oh my God!'" (no pun intended.)
     McCullough's road to Arcadia wasn't a leisurely one; late notification of the audition left her with just one hour to ready herself, learn her lines and get to the show's set! "I was driving like 75 mph, trying to learn nine pages on my way there," McCullough laughs. "It always happens that way! But I guess I do better when I don't plan."
     What's more, McCullough (and Tamblyn, at her former GH castmate's urging) didn't play the "friend" card before she read for the producers. "Jim Hayman, our executive producer, told me that she didn't tell him until afterward," share Tamblyn. "I thought that was cool of her." Adds McCullough, "I told Amber, 'No, don't say anything to them. Just let me go in there and get the job.' I didn't wan't her to be like, 'Cast her! Cast her!' And it all worked out."
     In an upcoming sweeps episode, McCullugh plays the ex-girlfriend of Joan's older brother, Kevin, with whom he had a heated argument just prior to getting into the car crash that left him paralyzed. The dramatic material suited the Emmy winner just fine. "They weren't sure if they wanted to cast me in this role or as one of Joan's friends," says McCullough. "But I'm too old to play high school and this was a juicier role."
     Next up for the actresses: forming a production company! "There is definately something in the works," says Tamblyn. But, McCullough notes, "I have to find a way to afford Amber!" (SID 4.27/04)

On Soap Talk, Kimberly McCullough talks about her new show and teaches host Ty Treadway to hip hop dance. She also has a new interview with Soap Digest Online- Kim Possible.

Kimberly McCullough Casts First Stones- Kimberly McCullough rocks her image to play a science geek on CBS' new comedy The Stones, which rolls onto the schedule March 17.
     The Stones follows Barbara and Stan Stone- played by Judith Light (ex-Karen, OLTL) and Robert Klein- who announce they are divorcing after 25 years. Their children, Winston and Karly, try to keep the couple, still friendly, together. 
     "I'm nerdy, I wear glasses. I always come up with these total white-trash stories about my background," says McCullough, who plays Winston's girlfriend Audtra. "I look cute and innocent. I'm the 'straight man.' The guy who plays Winston, Jay Baruchel, is the crazy, over-the-top guy." 
     Audra was conceived as a guest-star part, but the character worked so well she was upped to recurring, so McCullough appears in six of the nine episodes shot. "I like playing character roles," she insists. "People can relate to [Audra] because she is sweet and she does mean well." McCullough says she will play funny and romantic. "It's basically the love story between Winston and Audra and how they get together," explains McCullough. "There is all sorts of wacky stuff in between because it's a sitcom and they're both pretty weird." 
     The Stones airs Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. EST on CBS. (SOW 3/16/04)

Kimberly McCullough Gets Behind The Shield- Kimberly McCullough is revved up at the idea of playing a bad girl on the March 9 third-season premier of The Shield.
     "Her name is Deena and she is a car thief," McCullough explains. "She looks like me: 'apple pie,' very innocent. She thinks she knows how to manipulate men. She plays on the fact that she is cute." But the fresh faced cutie runs with a bad crowd. "She steals a vehicle that happens to be linked to a couple of killers, and gets arrested. In order to get off, she gives them information about the killers. They give her immunity- and she ends up stealing another car!"  
     McCullough enjoyed making her third appearance on the gritty, cutting-edge drama. "For me, it is sort of a personal triumph to play the opposite, because I don't get that many opportunities," she enthuses. "It was kind of surprising for them to have me back. It was a good surprise." The Shield airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST on Fox. (SOW 3/9/04)

GH: The Kimberly McCullough Addresses Hoax- A press release announcing the return of Kimberly McCullough to GH is making the rounds on the Internet. There's one problem, though: It's a bizarre hoax. Kimberly Mccullough is not returning to GH.
     In the faux release, ABC president Brian Frons is quoted as saying: "I'm thrilled to welcome Kimberly back to General Hospital. Throughout Robin's HIV storyline, she proved herself to be a remarkably talented actress. Robin is a very important part of the show's history." Co-head writer Chuck Pratt Jr. was quoted as saying: "Fans can look forward to an emotional reunion between Robin and her gravely injured uncle, Mac (John J. York), as well as ex-lover Jason (Steve Burton). Along the way, viewers will also learn of her own hardship which Robin recently had to face."
     But wait, there's more! Mccullough is quoted as saying: "After being away from daytime for six years, I realized how much I miss my friends at General Hospital. I can't wait to being working."
     "It's an unfortunate hoax," responded a spokesperson for the network of the babricated release and quotes. Right before going to press, Weekly spoke with McCullough, who didn't know about the ruse. "No, I'm sure my mother will call me tomorrow and tell me," she laughed, adding that no one from GH has approached her about reprising the role of Robin. "I don't know where these rumors come from." McCullough is very busy with her recurring role ont he new CBS sitecome The Stones- starring Judith Light (ex-Karen, OLTL), which is set to debut March 17. (SOW 3/2/04)

Kimberly McCullough Addresses GH Hoax- "I had no idea about it," reports Kimberly McCullough of the fake press release that was circulated on the Internet announcing that she was returning to GH. "I found out from the Web master of one of my fan sites when she asked me if it was true. I was stunned."
     The faux release, complete with phone quotes from GH executives and the actress herself, created a frenzy among McCullough's fans. ABC, which was bombarded by inquries, quickly denied releasing the memo. "I think the fans are trying to appeal to me because they think that ABC has been asking me to return for so long, and that I'm being stubborn by saying, 'No,' which is not the case at all," theorizes the actress.
     According to McCullough, GH has not asked her to return since she left the show for good in 1999. "I haven't been asked back, but I think they know what I wouldn't be able to commit to the period of time that they'd need," explains the actress, whose CBS sitcom The Stones (which stars Judith Light, ex-Karen, OLTL) premiers on March 17. "It's hard on a soap opera to bring anyone back for a short amount of time because it takes so long for a story to play out."
     However, McCullough would definately think about reprising her role in a recurring capacity. "Because things are going well for me in other areas, I just can't commit to a three-year deal. If it were something different, like a few episodes, of course I'd consider it." (SOD 3/9/04)

GH Vet Bumped (Again)- Fans awaiting a regular fix of GH grad Kimberly McCullough will need to be a bit more patient. But there is good news, too!
     Since her GH exit, McCullough's fans have a) tapped their feet as her TV movie, Dying to Dance, sat on a self for more than a year, b) seen any hope of her reprising Once & Again's Jennifer dashed by that drama's cancellation, and c) come thisclose to catching her guest-star gig on Firefly, a FOX sci-fi series axed just before her episode aired. Now, The Stones, a sitcom about two grown kids living with divorced parents (played by Judith Light [ex-Karen, OLTL] and Robert Klein)- and featuring McCullough in a recurring role- has seen its premiere bumped from fall to midseason. The schedule switch, explains a CBS representative, "is designed to give The Stones, a smart, funny series that we are very excited about, the best opportunity to succeed."
     Here's the good news: Fox is planning to release the entire first season of Firefly- including McCullough's episode- on DVD in December. Creator Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) may provide commentary. (SID 8/5/03) 

Will Kimberly McCullough Join Y&R? Sources say Kimberly McCullough may return to daytime this summer - but not to AMC or GH as Robin Scorpio. Rumor has it The Young and the Restless may be interested in casting the popular star to take over the role of Katherine's granddaughter, Mackenzie.
     It would be a good news/bad news situation for McCullough fans, who have lobbied hard to get her back on AMC, where her mother, Anna, just lost a baby, or GH, where her former beau Jason is courting Sonny's sister Courtney.
     Kelly Kruger will vacate the role of Mac on July 1, after Bill reveals to his new bride that they are cousins.  At press time, sources say there is no rush to bring back the character, so McCullough- if she signs- might not be seen till summer's end or early fall anyway.
    McCullough wouldn't be the first ABC start that CBS Daytime- which is now headed by ABC grad, Barbara Bloom- has snatched up this year.  ATWT recently hired Roger Howarth (ex-Todd Manning, One Life to Live) and Real Andrews (ex-Marcus Taggert, GH) as Paul Ryan and Walker Daniels respectively.  The Bold and the Beautiful signed Jack Wagner (Nick; ex-Frisco Jones, GH). Y&R cast Keith Hamilton Cobb (ex-Noah Keefer, AMC) as Damon Porter; and now Sydney Penny (ex-Julia Keefer, AMC) is joining Bold and the Beautiful (see Stop the Presses on page 5).
     McCullough played Robin on GH from 1985-96  and 1997-98 and won Two Daytime Emmy's- Outstanding Juvenile female in 1989 and Outstanding Younger Actress in 1996.  She appeared on AMC  in 2001 when Robin told Anna she's HIV positive. A Y&R spokesperson says, "We don't comment on casting rumors."  McCullough rep says, "No comment." (SOW 7/1/03)

GH Return? Kimberly McCullough's surprise appearance at GH's recent fan-club gathering fueled speculation that the popular actress might be returning to GH or AMC (where Robin's mom, Anna, appears). Not true, states McCullough.
    "Right now, I am just trying to concentrate on getting other jobs and trying to get my directing career going," she says. "That the most important thing. I can't deny that I love film- it's definately my favorite thing."
    But never say never. "I'm focusing on other things, but I love the character of Robin," she stresses. 
    The actress was thrilled to reprise her role on AMC, when Robin revealed to Anna that she's HIV-positive. "It was good to be in New York again," the former NYU film student says. "And it was cool to see Finola (Hughes, Anna) and her baby. I'm so happy that she is a mom. She was always so good with me and always asked my mom questions about being a mum."
    If AMC offered her a return engagement, "I would consider it," McCullough says. "You never know what happens. You can't say definately yes or no." She also wouldn't rule out returning to Once and Again as Eli's ex-girlfriend Jennifer. "They kept writing me in when I thought I was no longer on the show. I was only supposed to do three episodes, and ended up doing 10." (SOW 9/4/01)

Goodbye Robin!  After Transforming GH's Robin from a spunky kid into a young woman living with HIV, Kimberly McCullough exited her long-running role in early 1999. "The reason I left is the reason why I'm staying gone," the two-time Emmy winner said at the time. "I want to direct films." The actress' fascination with movie-making dates back years. "When I started working [on GH], they'd be trying to get me for rehearsal, and I was behind the camera, learning how it works," she recalled. "It seems that if I want to direct films, that's where I need to be acting. That's where I need to be making my connections. It wouldn't really be smart of me to stay on a soap." Since McCullough recently revisited her old character, on AMC this time, might she reconsider a full-time return? No. However, she clarifies, "I would go back for a little while. I kind of have to keep myself available as much as I can [for nonsoap work], but over the summer that would have been perfect [for another comeback]. The summer's always dead for actors." (SID 8/21/01)

The Dearly Departed- Where are They Now? Kimberly McCullough
-Why did you leave GH? "I left because I needed and wanted to do other characters. I couldn't successfully audition and work on other things while I was working full-time on GH. I had done it for so long, it was just time to move on."
-What have you done since you left daytime? "[I did] a TV movie called Dying to Dance. As far as I know, it's supposed to air on NBC in November. Rick Springfield [ex-Noah, GH) plays my dad. I did a couple of pilots that didn't get picked up, but then I did one that did- [ABC's] Once and Again. I've done four episodes so far, and I absolutely love doing it. I've never loved anything more in my life." 
-Would you want to return to GH, even temporarily? "No. It's something I've done and I dont' belive in moving backward in your life. You should always move forward. I did my best while I was on it and I hope it does well."
-Do people still recognize you as Robin? "Yeah, they do, surprisingly enough. I would think they wouldn't because I look so different now. My hair has grown out a lot and it's like, a different color every week. Actually, last night, someone recognized me from Once and Again. I thought it was funny."
-Do you keep in touch with anyone from GH? "I keep in touch with Tyler [Christopher, ex-Nikolas], Sarah [Brown, Carly]... and Maurice [Bernard, Sonny] the most. I talk to Maurice all the time. I love him; he's my buddy." 
-Do you still watch Gh? "Yeah, I do. I went by a couple of weeks ago to visit. I wanted to see everyone- not just the actors, but the crew, too. They were like my family." (SOD 10/26/99)

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