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The latest news on your GH favorite- Sharon Wyatt

Wonder what your favorite Scorpio is up to? Here's the latest I could find on their activities:
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Vets Return Canned! From a source close to the GH set comes word that plans to bring back John Reilly and Sharon Wyatt have fallen through. "It's not that they didn't want them to come back; they did," says the insider. So what was the problem, then? "They didn't know if they would have room for them," says the spy. It's no secret that the soap hasn't been able to use returnees Tristan Rogers, Emma Samms and Finola Hughes in the manner that they'd hoped. And, the source says, ultimately GH was hesitant to have the same fate befall Reilly and Wyatt. (SID 10/24/06)

Are Robert's Pals Back? Although a spokesperson for GH had no comment, a source tells SID that the soap definately wants John Reilly (ex-Sean) back int he role he played from 1984-'94 by the end of the summer. The source adds that GH wants to have Reilly interact with Tristan Rogers (Robert), and at Reilly's request, return to the canvas alongside Sharon Wyatt (ex-Tiffany). Now we hear GH met with both actors. "They are both willing to come back," says the source. "It most likely will all work out." (SID 8/15/06)

Well, whaddaya know. As viewers discovered on the Dec. 30 episode of Passions, former GH star Sharon Wyatt is indeed the much-hyped "Mystery Woman." Weekly guessed the top-secret casting surprise in early December, after piecing the clues together. First, the Mystery Woman's voice sounded a lot like Wyatt's- replete with that slight southern drawl. The MW also appeared tall, like Wyatt. Last but not least, the casting reunites the actress with her former GH flame John Reilly (ex-Sean, now Alistair). Welcome back, Sharon! (SOW 1/17/06)

Passions:  Girl N in the Hood- Since October, Passions fans have seen a mysterious caped diva lurking about Harmony with perfect red nails and a nasty butcher knife. Well, the hood finally came off on December 30 to reveal the one soap star I've missed the most: Sharon Wyatt. The actress, who had a landmark run as Tiffany HIll on GH, quit acting in the '90s to care for her elderly parents in Tennessee. "I'm so flattered that Passions tracked me down out in the middle of nowhere," coos Wyatt. "They just made me an offer- no audition." And ain't it a small world? Wyatt's crazed character will be wreaking revenge on Alistair, the villain played by John Reilly, who also played Wyatt's hubby on GH! (TV Guide 1/9/06)

Is Passions' Mystery Woman GH's Tiffany? As Passions prepares to ring in the New Year with the reveal of the "Mystery Woman" this week, various clues point to one actress as her likely portrayer: GH fan fave Sharon Wyatt.
     For starters, the Mystery Woman's voice sounds an awful lot like Wyatt's- replete with that slight southern drawl we all remember. (Wyatt was born and raised in Tennessee.) The Mystery Woman also appears to be tall, like Wyatt. And casting Wyatt would reunite her with her former GH flame John Reilly (ex-Sean, now Alistair). Rumor has it that the Mystery Woman is either Alistair's presumed-dead wife, Rachel, or the sister referenced in the show's companion book, Hidden Passions.
     Speculation is rampant online, with Wyatt and two other actresses in "contention": Katherine Helmond (Soap, Everybody Loves Raymond), a Texas native who was reportedly spotted at the Passions studio a couple of months ago; and One Life to Live's Hillary B. Smith. But that isn't happening because the vet has re-upped with OLTL. (Plus, she was still under contract with OLTL when the Lady in Red was appearing, so legally she couldn't have been doing both shows at once.)
     Another wild rumor has actress Hayley Mills donning the white robe and red polish. She, of course, is the sister of Juliet Mills (Tabitha). We think we're right about Wyatt. (We're trained professionals, after all), but who knows? Log on to www.passionsred.com Thursday, Dec. 29 at 3 a.m. or tune in Friday, Dec. 30 to see if Weekly solved the mystery of the actress of who nail-ed the role. (SOW 1/3/06)

Passions Casts Classic GH Star:  In today's episode of Passions, that red-fingernailed mystery woman will be unmasked at last. Drumroll, please.... She is Alistair Crane's long-lost girlfriend, Rachel. Turns out he has needlessly blamed his daughter, Sheridan, for her demise all these years! On New Year's Eve, Rachel returns to wreak revenge on her belligerent billionaire ex.
     Longtime soap-opera buffs will be tickled to see Sharon Wyatt in the role of Rachel. She and John Reilly (Alistair) were a popular supercouple as General Hospital's Tiffany Hill and Sean Donely in the '80s and '90s. Though their backstage reunion was probably warm and friendly, their on-screen face-off will be another story! (TV Guide.com 12/30/05)

NBC has put up an interview with Sharon as well.

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