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*I scanned the majority of the pictures and made the video captures on my site.  Please ask before taking, Thanks!

Here's some fun scenes from various Scorpio weddings. From Robert and Anna to Sean and Tiffany, GH has aired some of the best soap weddings.

Mac and Felicia's First Wedding
Re-aired on SoapNet as part of the Wedding Interruptus Marathon on 6/26/04. Mac and Felicia's long-awaited marriage doesn't exactly go off as planned.

As Mac and Felicia are beginning their vows, Kevin barges into the room.  Tiffany shrieks upon seeing him, as now he and his twin are present. Both brother proclaim the other is "Ryan."  Mac grabs one.

Mac's captive insists he's Kevin and tries offering proof, but Mac's not sure. 

Felicia decides she'll quiz them both to prove who's who. "Kevin," who's standing behind her, grabs Felicia to reveal that he is the real Ryan. Mac's captive is really Kevin, who's attempts to reason with his deranged twin fails.

Ryan also reveals he's wearing a bomb and tries to drag Felicia off with him. Mac jumps him and the two struggle. He manages to get the bomb from Ryan and tosses it to Paul, who rushes outside with it.  The bomb detonates and everyone's relieved when Paul returns unharmed.  Ryan uses the distraction to make a run for it, but Mac takes off after him.  They get into a fist fight upstairs, leading to both of them falling.  

An injured Mac wants to still go through with the ceremony but Tony insists he be taken to the hospital. Felicia agrees.  A defeated Ryan looks on.  Seeing how Paul and Jenny are looking at one another, Mac suggests they get married instead. 

Stone tries to offer Robin words of comfort.

Before departing, Felicia and Jenny switch outfits and a glowing Jenny walks down the aisle instead.

Felicia's bridal party serve as Jenny's bridesmaids and watch as she and Paul exchange their vows.